Environmental vision

Our environmental vision is to achieve a more sustainable society by promoting production that reduces the environmental burden of our products throughout their life cycle. We have placed priority on doing our part in preventing global warming and we are conducting our business activities accordingly.

To realize our Environmental Vision, we promote activities in accordance with the Flocktex Action Guidelines for Environmental Conservation. These guidelines are based on the concepts of contributing to society through the development of excellent and safe products.

Action Guidelines

Flocktex is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities by assisting in the realization of an environmentally harmonious and sustainable society as one of its management priorities.
  1. Flocktex will contribute to society by developing safe products and production processes while meeting  concerns related to the prevention of global warming, conservation of resources and preservation of the eco system.
  2. All employees should endeavor to promote and ensure environmental conservation activities including improving environmental rules and regulations and setting goals for environmental burden reduction.
  3. Flocktex will promote the aim of understanding and reducing environmental burdens at every stage including product research and development, design, production, distribution, sales, usage, and final disposal.
  4. Flocktex environmental conservation efforts will be focused on observing international, national and local government's environmental regulations as well as implementing voluntary environmental standards when necessary.
  5. Flocktex will educate its employees to take action in order to observe environment related laws, raise their global environmental awareness, and encourage their interest in environmental conservation.
  6. Flocktex will evaluate potential environmental problems and prevent them from occurring within our walls
  7. Flocktex will take appropriate measures to minimize environmental impact.