Over four decades of experience in the field of fabric manufacturing has afforded Flocktex Industries with the confidence and experties to produce hi-tech, high-performance fabrics that are at the cutting edge of fabric production alongside the industries best. Our Impala Collection of fabric is globally recognized as the best performance fabric in the market and maintains this title continually.

Whilst founded in 1976 by Mr Mayer Zeiler, Flocktex Industries is consistently distinguished as leaders in today's modern day market and constantly develops methods to improve and create products that remain contemporary and competitive. Flocktex Industries has the equipment, manpower and stamina to foster our customer's abstract ideas and transform them into reality.

Managed from our headquarters in central Israel, customers across Europe, the United States and Asia enjoy the highest standard of customer care and efficient order fulfillment provided by Flocktex as their reliable supplier.

Maintenance of Flocktex’s high standards is achieved through consistent supervision over production by the teams from our various departments, which ensures that each meter of fabric produced is of the highest standard and quality. 

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